10 Things Your Business Transition Needs

Your Business
Transition Coach

Clarity • Relationships • Results

Most people struggle to maintain harmony during their business transition. I will guide you through the emotional, relationship and financial complexities so you can have harmony and success in your business transition.

You Want Harmony and Success
In Your Business Transition

You want clarity and confidence as you consider whether to transition your business to someone in the family or sell the business.

You want results as you launch a business or create massive growth in your current business.

You may be facing the challenge of multiple owners or multiple potential owners.

You may be dealing with misunderstandings amongst the people in your business and family.

You feel it would be wise to obtain guidance.

I'd Love To Be Your Guide

I’m passionate about guiding you through a transition that reduces your tax and enhances your relationships with the people who matter most to you.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant I’ve worked on hundreds of transition plans. I know it is critical to implement a transition that reduces your tax.

One problem in the world is many transitions focus only on tax and ownership of the business. Ignoring relationship and emotional realities can cause damage and a transition failure.

I will help you transfer the forms of wealth that created your success – things like entrepreneurial drive, management capability and the ability to understand people.

I will guide you through the emotional, relationship and financial complexities in your transition.

You Are Three
Steps Away From
Succeeding In Your
Business Transition



Schedule a meeting with me.



I will listen to you and understand your specific situation and needs. After our meeting, I will prepare three potential approaches, each offering different advantages and levels of value.



We will work shoulder-to-shoulder to implement your transition.

My Approach

Unlimited access to me. I will be available for you in-person, by phone and by email.

We will meet to understand your specific situation.

I will facilitate group meetings with you, your family and key management.

We will work together to implement your transition.

I will integrate other advisors into the transition process, e.g., tax specialist, accountant, investment advisor, or lawyer.

Up-front, fixed pricing [you will never be surprised by an invoice].